Otterbox's rugged new Venture can hold ice for two weeks

  MAY 11, 2017

OtterBox have presented a rugged, truly customizable cooler - the . The Colorado-based company are known as an outdoor brand that make dry boxes, and now have presented a line of burly coolers.


Available in 25, 45, and 65 quart capacities, the coolers are rated to hold ice for up to two weeks! The robust cooler is also very functional, with separators to keep different compartments inside the cooler, nesting grooves and a rim that allow the accessories like the cutting board and storage tray to rest on the inside.


There are also supports for a side table, cup holders, and even drybox clips to maximize your storage and its potential use. Of course there is a built in bottle opener as well. If that isn´t enough, the Venture is said to be "bear resistant", just in case you need to keep your fresh morning catch safe.